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Открыть демо счет на бкс

И, возможно, будете совершенно правы: Но часто желание попробовать что-то новое и выйти за рамки привычного дохода перевешивает, поэтому мы предлагаем несколько советов, как совместить 9-часовой рабочий день и трейдинг. Выберите свой стиль торговли Никто не заставляет вас быть активным спекулянтом и совершать по сделок в день.


Upon completion of the procedure for opening the demo account, the system displays the login and password, i. How can I deposit? Deposit is available through bank transfer in US dollars, Euros. Where can I get the details for transferring funds? To obtain the details for the money transfer it is necessary to draw up an invoice. To do this, in your Personal Account select the "Add money to trading account" option in the left-hand menu.

BCS Forex clients have access to trading with the most marketable financial instruments currencies, commodites, stock assets and indices, both Russian and the foreign ones using a single trading account. Today Бкс открыть демо счет Forex takes consistent position among the largest Forex operators owing to the excellent services quality and high level of customer confidence.

In the dialog window select the deposit trading account, deposit method, currency and the amount to be deposited. After clicking the "Deposit" button the invoice will be available for downloading in PDF format. What can I do if the bank required documents confirming the legitimacy of funds transfer?

Is it possible to deposit the account using BCS Online banking? Yes, it is possible.

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Further on, depending on the desired currency of transfer, choose one of the following options: How long does a bank transfer last? Bank transfer takes 2 to 5 working days. Transfer of funds from the account in BCS Bank takes up to 2 business days.

Can anyone else deposit my trading account? No, It is Impossible. Transfers from any third parties are not subject to crediting to our account. Can I deposit my trading account in a currency other than the currency of this account? In BCS Forex firm there is an internal funds conversion, so your funds will be converted and credited to a trading account as per the best rate and in shortest possible timeframes.

How to create funds withdrawal request?

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In the dialog window opened you need to specify: The withdrawal of открыть демо счет на бкс to the accounts of third parties is not carried out, it is Can I withdraw funds to a bank account with currency different from currency of the trading account? In BCS Forex there is internal conversion of funds, so your funds will be converted and withdrawn to bank account as of best rate and in the shortest possible timeframes.

Where in the PA is it possible to track the history волатильность понятие определение deposits and withdrawals of funds?

Is it necessary to pay taxes when working in Forex? BCS-Forex Limited is not a tax agent открыть демо счет на бкс is not withholding открыть демо счет на бкс from customers.

To calculate and confirm the taxable base, the customer can download the history of his открыть демо счет на бкс operations from MetaTrader and submit it to the tax authorities.

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How to attach a bankcard in Personal account? Login to your Personal account; 2. Fill in all necessary fields; 5. The blocked amount can be specified in your Online Banking. This procedure is necessary to confirm the card ownership.

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After verification, the blocked funds will immediately return to your bank account. After confirmation by our specialists, the card will be available for Deposit and withdrawal operations. What is the minimum deposit for trading on BCS Forex?

Our company does not apply any limits for the minimum amount of money on the trading account. The minimum Margin level for the instrument is specified on our website in the section Contract Specifications. Trading platform I got login and password for accessing MetaTrader; how can I start trading? To make trading operations you need to download trading platform from our website. Then you need to download the installation file of the platform using the button открыть демо счет на бкс Software" under the logo of trading platform you need.

Then run the downloaded file and install the program following the instructions of Setup Wizard.

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After its successful installation the platform will start automatically. Click "File" in the main menu, select "Login" tab. In the dialog window enter your login and password. After clicking the button it will be connected to server. Now the platform is ready for operation. Where can I get familiarized with operation info of trading platform?

A detailed help is provided in MetaTrader platform. You can also use the main menu button "Help" and select option "Call info".

Can I change the trading account password?

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Yes, you can открыть демо счет на бкс main password and investor password of your trading or demo account. In the window which appears enter the current password and then the new one. Upon confirmation the password will be automatically changed. BCs Can I restore the trading account password? The message with new password will be sent to your e-mail address within 5 minutes.

How can I see if I was successfully authorized in the trading platform? There are main открыть демо счет на бкс according to which you can determine the authorization success: If the authorization is successful, the login will be displayed in the upper left corner of the platform.

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Quotations by various instruments in "Market review" window start updating. In the bottom right-hand corner the numbers change periodically and the communication indicator consists of red and green bars.

It is impossible to be authorized in platform. What is the известный трейдер открыть демо счет на бкс There are several basic reasons: Открыть демо счет на бкс, make sure that server address is correct.

The login is always numeric and does not contain letters. Make sure that when copying the login combination from the registration letter you received you do not copy the blank space before or after the login.

The password is entered in the Latin alphabet and is case-sensitive. Perhaps your PC is not connected to the Internet.

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Please, make sure открыть демо счет на бкс Internet connection works correctly. Web, Windows Firewall, etc. Please check the settings of your security system the trading platform works via port Why does the message "Incorrect account" appear in the trading platform?

This message appears if the entered combination of login and password does not exist on the server you selected in the trading platform.

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Thus, when entering the platform one or several parameters were incorrectly entered, i. What time is displayed in trading кто такой трейдер форекс What does the "Trade flow busy" error in the trading platform открыть демо счет на бкс Basically, this error occurs when the network connection between the trading server and the client platform is lost.

Открыть демо счет на бкс this message appears, restart the platform. To do this, click "File" in the main menu, then select "Exit" in the context menu, restart platform and you will be able to resume trading operations.

My order worked, but this price is not shown on the chart. What is the reason?

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Most открыть демо счет на бкс, this is due to fact that your order has worked at Ask price in case of opening Buy открыть демо счет на бкс or closing Sell orderwhereas in MetaTrader platform the charts are built only at Bid prices.

Therefore, the Ask price is not displayed on the chart. To more closely monitor your trading activities you can turn on "Show Ask Line"option. To do this: When this command is executed, an additional horizontal line will appear on the chart corresponding to the Ask price of the last bar.

Why "New order" button in trading platform is inactive? To make transactions, when connecting to platform use the primary main account password. In the account history in trading platform an order with zero volume is displayed.

Where did it come from?

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How are the charts built in trading platform? In MetaTrader platform the charts are built only at Bid prices.

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The terminal does not display most of the currency pairs, why? When trading platform is first started, the standard list of currency pairs is displayed. The sounds you hear are открыть демо счет на бкс alerts. To turn them off: Why are "Buy" and "Sell" buttons inactive? Most likely, when you try to open a position, you have chosen volume that is not available for открыть демо счет на бкс with this instrument.

CFDs on shares and Dividends открыть демо счет на бкс what happens? MT5 trading accounts. It means that there will be no dividends deposited to account for open long positions and no dividends withdrawn from account for short positions. Herewith, the rollover of open short positions through the Dividend Ex Date is impossible.

These short positions will be forcefully closed at the last available market price prior to Dividend Открыть демо счет на бкс Date. They can be positive and negative depending on the type of deal - buy or sell. Dividends are deposited to account or withdrawn from it by a special technical transaction, the date of a calculation its result depends on the Dividend Ex Date and the Delivery Date. The amount of dividends is calculated in rubles and then converted into account currency.

The amount of dividends is fixed on the account balance within a month.

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The approximate amount of dividends is calculated based on the financial statements of the issuer or management statements Where can I see the currency pair swaps? On the Company website: In the trading platform: Why did my deal turn red? MT4, NDD. There are two main groups. A wider audience, but with a smaller percentage of conversion to the active traders group. How to open a partner account?

Our cooperation starts with the opening of the partner account! In the "Account Management" section located on the открыть демо счет на бкс "My Accounts". On the right you will see a block called "Partner accounts".

открыть демо счет на бкс

For correct accounting, client referring and calculation of remuneration, the partner has to pass the procedure of opening of the partner account twice: The account type will be selected automatically.

MT5 account types To open a partner account you need to specify how you plan to attract customers. If any of the conditions are not clear to you or if you have additional questions, please contact our открыть демо счет на бкс team, we will be glad to help you! What are the main terms of the partnership program? A Partner cannot enlist relatives, persons whose data have been previously registered with the PA in the company and the other affiliated persons paragraph 5.

The Partnership program is focused on attracting new customers, but not on re-registration of old Personal Accounts. If you attract relatives, we will открыть демо счет на бкс suspicion that you are trading in accounts of the attracted customers. In such cases the bonus will not be payable.

The partner undertakes to place lawful advertising on its resources clause 3.